The Bible refers to wolves in speaking of peace on earth between predator and prey...

Jesus used wolves in describing the behavior of false prophets...

The disciples had their "hierarchy/authority issues" when they learned of James' and John's mother's request that her sons hold special positions in Christ's kingdom...

Do petrified artifacts automatically represent "millions of years"?  Or, could they mean something else?

When Mt. St. Helens erupted on May 18, 1980,  mudflows carved brand new canyons through solid rock in a matter of a few days, leaving a floating log mat in Spirit Lake.  In the context of Noah's flood, massive numbers of trees would have been uprooted and transported elsewhere, floating until the flood waters abated.  It is important to remember that petrified trees do not have their root system.


Petrified artifacts such as the ones exhibited (left) canNOT represent "millions of years."

This "Teepee Fountain" flow stone (below) located in Thermopolis, WY began as a pipe stuck into the ground.  Minerals in the hot water flowing through the pipe formed this massive rock in just over 100 years!  

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