February 9-13 (as of 2/11/19) 

Location:  Eastside Baptist Church, 310 East Side Dr. Statesville, NC

Session Titles:  (music & sessions for children TBA)

Saturday: 9 am breakfast (RSVP)  "Wilderness Wonders" - Jeff Setzer


10 am - Packs n' Petrifacts (Jeff Setzer) 

11 am - The Greatness of Our God  (Dr. Martin) 

              children's church:  Packs n Petrifacts (children's ed.)

5 pm - The Evolution of a Creationist  (Dr. Martin)  

6 pm - The Amazon and Beyond  (Dr. Martin)

                children's session: BIG Beasts


7 pm - The Wonders of Alaskan Creatures  (Dr. Martin)  

8 pm - Mutualism and Symbiosis  (Dr. Martin)

                 children's session:  Can You 'Bear' This? 


    (all day) Doubt Darwin Day, a Facebook event 

    11:30 Leaders Luncheon RSVP

7 pm - Flying Dragons, Alive? (Jeff Setzer) 
8 pm - From Dinosaurs to Dung Beetles  (Dr. Martin)

            no Tues. PM separate sessions for children 


7 pm - The Big Deal About Bigfoot (Jeff Setzer) 
8 pm - Creation Evangelism (Dr. Martin)

February 15 - 17

Location:  Sharon Baptist Church, 2625 Armistead Ave.  Hampton, VA

Session Titles


  11:30 (Leaders Luncheon RSVP):  Dr. Martin

    7:00 pm - Packs n Petrifacts (Setzer) 

    8:00 pm - Mutualism & Symbiosis (Dr. Martin) 

                       children's session:  BIG Beasts (Setzer)


10 am -  The Wonders of Alaskan Creatures (Dr. Martin) 

11 am -  Incredible Creatures that Defy Evolution (Dr. Martin)

               (no separate children's session) 


9:45 - The Evolution of a Creationist (Dr. Martin) 

11:00 - The Greatness of Our God (Dr. Martin)

             children's church: Flying Dragons, Alive? (Setzer) 

5:30 pm - The Big Deal About Bigfoot (Setzer) 

6:30 pm -  Can You 'Bear' This?  (Setzer)