Suggested Family VBS Schedules:

* During the Sunday of VBS week, both Sunday school and junior church may be conducted by Mrs. Heather Setzer so that Bro. Jeff is free to teach a combined teen – adult Sunday school and/or preach in the morning service. 


* In order to help churches reach entire families, we encourage leaders to refer to the meeting as a "Family VBS."  In light of this, we structure the schedule and prepare a series of class time messages for all who are not working in other areas of the VBS.    


Morning Meeting

Saturday kickoff: 

(The purpose of this "bare bones" meeting is to get the “ball rolling” for the week.  It is effective for sharing an overview of the week, distributing handbooks, setting up the team competition, and for getting the excited about the week.  The time works well even as a church-wide fellowship.  If the weather is nice, a cookout can be after the meeting.)

Suggested time: 10 – 11:30 am (3 adult or teen helpers needed esp. for a refreshment time after the meeting.)  After the meal time, there can be a VBS workers meeting (~ 1 hr).

(These times are suggested based upon other meetings in which this has worked well.)


Sunday - Thursday::

Sunday (normal service times)

Sunday School – can serve as VBS class time
Jr. Church – can serve as VBS “Rally Time”

Monday - Thursday (9:30 am – noon) 
Thursday pm (6:30 – 8:00 pm):  Parents/Awards Night


Evening Meeting

Saturday VBS workers meeting (~ 1 hr):  10 am

kickoff:  6 – 7:30 pm (3 adult or teen helpers needed)

Sunday (normal service times)

Sunday School – can serve as a VBS class time
Jr. Church – can serve as VBS “Rally Time”

Monday - Wednesday (6:30 – 8:30 pm) 
Thursday (6:30 – 8:30 pm):  Parents/Awards Night



Daily Schedule:


    Saturday Kickoff ~ 1 hr 15 min. (run by Setzers w/ minimal help)

  • Distribute handbooks, sing

  • Brief overview of week

  • Review game / team & best listener awards

  • Refreshment/meal (e.g. pizza)


Sunday sessions (regular service times)
Monday Thursday  (~2 hrs. 30 min.)

    9:15   Registration Time (as children arrive)
    9:40   Opening / Story Time (Mrs. Heather)
   10:10  Class Time (church staffed, prefer two adults or one adult/one teen)

  •               Teach memory verse for the day (from handbook)

  •               Ask review questions (provided by CFM)

   10:30   Refreshment Time
   10:45   Rally Time
    noon   Dismissal



    6 - 7:15 pm Saturday Kickoff  (run by the Setzers with minimal help)

     Distribute handbooks & Sing songs

     Presentation: week overview

  • Review game / team & best listener awards

  • Refreshments (cookout, church-wide fellowship)

Sunday sessions (regular service times)
Sunday – Wednesday ~2 hrs. 15 min.     

     6:15       Registration Time (as children arrive)
     6:35       Opening / Story Time (Mrs. Heather)
     7:05       Class Time (staffed by church workers)

  •                   Teach memory verse for the day (from handbook)

  •                   Ask review questions (provided by CFM)

     7:25       Refreshments
     7:35       Rally Time
     ~8:35       Dismissal

For Preschoolers

Creation Family Ministries assists churches in ministering to all ages. However, due to the type of information we share in the Rally Time presentations, much of it is “over the heads” of most preschoolers.  For this reason, we ask churches which have a prominent preschool group of about 5 or more to prepare a separate special time just for them especially during Rally Time.  We suggest putting together a schedule that involves memory work (one or two verses from the handbook), video time (we have some suggestions for this), coloring time (coloring sheets may be downloaded from Answers in Genesis, song time (preferably songs from the Mountain Mysteries VBS handbook; preparing to sing one or two for Parents Night), lesson time and snack time. In addition, while “Mr. Jeff” speaks to older ones in Rally Time, “Mrs. Heather” is available to visit the preschoolers for a special time with them. Depending on the size of your group, they are welcome to join the older group during Opening Time and Story Time. We usually ask that you plan about an hour for their own special time.



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