The Setzers live full time in a 38' fifth wheel (RV) which they pull with an F-350 dually diesel truck. This arrangement serves as both home and office on the road.  It's therefore optimum for them to park their "house" at the church where they will be serving throughout the week.  This requires an area large enough for the vehicle (entry/exit), a regular outside water spigot accessible, and a 50-amp electrical outlet (4-prong).



The Setzers come as missionaries on a love offering basis.  For vacation Bible schools, there are a number of expenses prior to the summer that necessitate a pre-summer donation request.  To be clear, this is NOT a "charge" to come.  They come as the LORD opens the doors.  However, sometimes the expense account gets pretty low prior to the summer (depending on the theme and the specific items needed).  Here is a partial list of what a pre-summer donation covers:



*crusade button

*promotional cards

*yard signs

*banners (4 x 10)


*place ribbons

*prizes & awards

*handbooks (junior, primary)

*creation tee shirt (awarded to top medallion)

*anything else deemed helpful to promote the week


In order to avoid the perception of "charging a fee" to come, the Setzers request a donation prior to the summer in order to alleviate the burden of paying for all of the supplies in a very short time.  This year, we are asking each church to send a check ($300-$500, depending on your budget) to:


   Creation Family Ministries 

   1225 29th Av Dr. NE

   Hickory, NC  28601

   RE: VBS


VBS Staff

Creation Family Ministries exists to aid churches in making a difference in this culture, and as missionaries, the Setzers come ready to adapt to the need.  Generally, the need for Class Time is to have two adult helpers (or one adult and a mature teen), one to conduct the teaching of the memory verse, and the other to conduct the review questions/review game.  If the number of helpers is limited, these same ones can serve in Registration Time filling out registration cards and listening to memory versese.  For larger numbers, of course, the greater number of VBS staff are needed.  The Setzers take care of leading the Opening (incl. penny offering) and Story Time, then they dismiss the children by groups to Class Time ("Mr. Jeff" then begins Class Time for adults).  After Class Time is usually Refreshment Time for 10-15 min. and then the Setzers come to lead the entire group to Rally Time.  All VBS workers that are willing and able to counsel children, are needed for Invitation Time at the end of the creation presentation.  After the message/presentation and invitation, there will be a time of review game and/or awards prior to dismissal.


VBS Philosophy

The philosophy of Creation Family Ministries concerning VBS



  • VBS is a “revival week” for children to encourage and strengthen their faith. (We encourage churches to consider a “Family VBS” in which we minister to teens and adults during an extended class time for them.)  VBS is an important week of evangelism for children.  VBS is an important break for church workers who often are already over-worked.  We do most of the preparation and make class time short.

  • “Fun with purpose!”  Fun things we do with the children (e.g. songs, competition, games) create a good memory of church.  While not everything in life is “fun,” it is important to leave a lasting impression in the child’s mind of a good time at church.  The “fun stuff” encourages them to come back.  We use God’s Word and His works (creation) together to strengthen the faith of those who are already saved and to invite those who do not yet know Christ as Savior to come to Him.  A stronger faith equals a stronger witness and greater desire to live for Christ.

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