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Why Dinosaurs?

Dinosaurs ("terrible lizard") are awesome creatures that proclaim the design of the awesome Designer, they are fascinating creatures to study (using the fossil record), and they answer and bring up many questions about origins and the Biblical Flood.  Did they die out long before man arrived on the scene?  Do movies accurately depict them?  Were they on Noah's ark?  Did they live at the same time as people?  Are they alive today?  We're here to help answer these questions and more!

More coming soon!

Was T-Rex a scavenger?

Are there facts about this "Tyrant Lizard King" that point to it most likely being a scavenger instead of a predator?  (See video below)

Dinosaur tissue found?

What about soft tissue found in a T-Rex thigh bone in the Hell Creek Formation in Montana? Does this have any bearing on "millions of years"?

Flintstone Fantasy?
Dinosaurs and God?
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