Reaching young people with the foundational creation message is critical.  "Remember now thy Creator in the days of thy youth." (Ecclesiastes 12:1)  However, it takes a great deal more than just reading Genesis 1 & 2 to children before bed, or having a creation-themed vacation Bible school once in awhile.  It takes a daily commitment to teach the evidences and a regular reinforcement of the truths of Scripture and science, showing that both go "hand in glove."  The same Creator Who spoke the worlds into existence ALSO gave mankind His Revelation in written form, the Bible.  With creation being the very foundation for all of Scripture, its message MUST be communicated to ALL ages.

Annual Fellowships

Creation Fellowships

Steve Lawwell of Echoes of Eden Ministries speaking at an annual fellowship in 2015.  Host church:  Faith Baptist of Hickory, NC

Leaders Luncheons

As we develop the Southeast Baptist Creation Fellowship, we sponsor luncheons to minister to pastors and evangelists, reminding all of the critical need to reach this culture with foundational truth.

Sessions for children conducted by Mrs. Heather Setzer