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Dinosaurs & The Bible


What is the relationship here? 

We read in the book of Job that God spoke from a "whirlwind" beginning in chapter 38 as He began the greatest creation message of all time.  Though Job had experienced much trouble, God never told him "why" those things happened to him.  Satan was allowed to wreak havoc in Job's life, but the reason was never given.  Instead, God referred Job and his friends to many different things in His creation...from constellations to plants, animals, phenomena in the atmosphere...and finished up his message with great emphasis on presently unknown creatures that are called in the Bible by the names "behemoth" and "leviathan."  From the descriptions, God may very well have been describing a massive sauropod and a giant marine (even amphibious) creature.  The great implication of the entire message is given in the early verses of chapter 42:

"I have heard of thee by the hearing of the ear, but now mine eye seeth thee.  Wherefore I repent in dust and ashes." (Job 42:5, 6)


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